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    Paid Website Training Programs Empty Paid Website Training Programs

    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:04 am

    Many websites offer training programs for a variety of levels for a fee. MapMyRun.com is a decent example and will guide you through your 5k training for a nominal monthly fee should you choose that route.

    Offers the following training programs for a 5k:

    5 weeks:
    Beginner (Off the Couch and Into a 5k) - 2-3miles/wk
    Beginner (5 Weeks to a 5k) - 5-7miles/wk

    12 weeks:
    Intermediate (5k Intermediate) - 15-25miles/wk
    Advanced (5k Advanced) - 21-48miles/wk

    These plans will give you a calendar layout of which days of the week you are running, how far, and at what intensity level. It will also outline your rest days and "walk" days.

    MapMyRun requires you to be a "Premium" member which starts at $5.99/mo. This website does offer a ton of information for free, including mapping running routes. Check it out!

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